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Surface Pro 3 with MS VER. 5 pen


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I have done a complete windows reset because of problems I was having with Drawboard. Everything in the computer is up to date. I didn't notice it before reset but now Microsoft Ver. 5 pen top button (magic button) keeps quiting to launch assigned apps. OneNote, Drawboard, MS edge. I remove it and re-pair it with a new battery and after about 10 minutes it stops again. The eraser works, the side button works, the ink works, just the actual button push operation stops. I re-pair, restart, everything that I have read about doing. Still the same. After re-pairing the pen this last time, I put the computer into sleep for about 5 minutes, work it up and it was functioning properly then after about 10 minutes again it stops. Any help would be nice.
Surface Pro 3 -8GB ram, 256 GB hd, I7. Thanks