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Sold on a Surface..picking up my Surface Pro 3 tomorrow!


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I guess all the gaming cards drawing 120-150W of power or more like a radeon 6850 or geforce 550 was just a huge con and environmentally bankrupt. they should all be banned by the EPA since they can be replaced by a system using only 15w. really, you can't by a 60 or 75w light bulb for goodness sakes... the gaming industry must be taken down... :)


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Definitely don't buy the SP3 with gaming in mind!!! It'll play a lot of indie or older games fine, but no way Witcher 2 etc type games.

The SP2 was actually decent, be it still on all low settings for most newish games at 720p, but the SP3 is actually a LOT slower than the SP2 in games due to the throttling (for example, a game will start playing at 30fps, and then drop to 15fps and stay there as Microsoft locks the GPU at 598mhz instead of letting it run closer to the 1098mhz it is suppose to), and the SP2 is still magnitudes slower than even a low end gaming laptop with a dedicated GPU.

You can get a nice gaming laptop that is literally 8x+ faster than the i5 or i7 for the same price or less.

If gaming isn't a big priority, by all means enjoy the SP3. Just know what you are getting for your money.


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A surface 3 can run all the games you listed well outside of FF14. There is video on youtube of Surface Pro 3 playing that one choppy. My Samsung RF510 can play the games he listed comfortably and the Pro 3 is comparable GFX wise and blows it's first gen i7 away...
With that in mind, the other issue for this thread is whether you need 8gb to run those, or just 4, taking into account it being onboard, not dedicated graphics. As it is, even with mid to low end hardware, a PC certainly doesn't need more than 4gb to play everything being released.


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Thank you very much everyone for the very informative replies! I have been reading through all the links some provided and those have helped my confusion considerably. My knowledge on gaming PCs is several years old so I really needed some honest help and answers here. I'm digging through research on several gaming laptops as well, so I'lll sleep on it and decide in the morning if I'm going to pick up this Surface or get a gaming laptop. I'm walking out with one or the other, it's just something each person needs to think and sleep on. But I mainly just wanted to say thank you for the civil, informative replies with lots of facts to help me decide :)