1. M

    Leaked Documents Point to Dell Working on Microsoft Surface Phone

    Pocket-lint reports today on newly leaked Qualcomm documents that have just been published by German website, which show that Dell is now working on what Pocket-lint refers to as a “Surface Phone” powered by a new Qualcomm Snapdragon 850 processor running on Windows 10 on ARM. The...
  2. J

    Surface Book Glitches With External Monitors and Dock

    I currently run 2 - 22" Wide Flat Panel Dell monitors (2208WFPt) connected to the surface book dock. My issue is that when I disconnect and reconnect the dock my display glitches big time. (large fonts, rearranged icons, tool bar icons disappearing) I can eventually get it right by unplugging...
  3. H

    What external display to get for Surface Pro 4

    Hello, I have been researching which monitor to get for my Surface Pro 4. I would really like to get the Samsung C34f791, but it is not on the list of SP4 compatible monitors from Microsoft: Troubleshoot Surface Dock and Surface docking stations | Get help with docking stations for Surface...
  4. C

    SOLD **** WTT/FS Surface Book i7 for Surface Pro 4 or $1700

    SOLD> I have a Surface Book purchased 4-1-2016, UAG case and Microsoft Arc Touch Mouse. Below is the invoice that shows the specs of the one I am trading. It has been lightly used and shows no scratches or signs of use what so ever. It has had a screen protector and bamboo skin on it since...
  5. P

    Dell P2715Q - Flashes "Entering Power Save Mode" every 35 sec. while SP3 is sleeping

    Configuration: Windows 10 (10586.104, current on all updates), Surface Pro 3, mDP --> DP cable on Dell P2715Q As soon as the Surface goes to sleep (OR the OS turns the monitor off after X minutes), the P2715Q says "Entering power save mode"...and then does...and then 35 seconds later turns back...
  6. BorisHristov

    Surface Pro 4 with Dell 25" or 27" monitor?

    Hey guys, Looking to buy either a 25 or a 27 inch 1440p Dell monitor soon (U2515H, UP2516D, U2716H, UP2716D - one of those). Anyone using such configuration? I don't have a dock and I will be connecting the monitor directly into the surface. I am currently using a 22 inch 1680x1050 and I am...
  7. K

    Surface pro 4 i7, surface dock -- Problem with Dell U2515H

    Hi, I´ve got my Surface pro 4. (i7, 8GB RAM, 256GB) + the new Surface Dock And a DELL U2515H 2560 x 1440 at 60Hz --> And the Problem is that I get no picture on the Dell. Connected with the Displayport cabel - direct on the surface or on the dock. No Picture. I used the the Dell for some months...