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sudden low unexplained disk space??


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Hi, New to all this so please excuse me. My MS Surface 32gb RT just 12 months old suddenly started to do some strange things. Apps would completely disappear then return a day later when I had done nothing. It sometimes displayed a message saying there was low disk space when this could not be correct. There is little stored on there. I removed some apps too but instead of the available storage space going up it went down. I watched whilst doing nothing as the disk space figure changed. Apps would block. I would uninstall and then try and re-install but it would say there was insufficient disk space. It says that although everything is running 'healthy' (which it clearly is not) that it has no available disk space on C: drive out of the 26 GB. I cannot find what is taking up the disk space.I have removed most documents, photo's but this makes no difference. There is no music or video's stored on the device. Sometimes for example I cannot open Mail to check my emails. Please can anyone help or advise?