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Some Metro apps don't have internet access.


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I have now a Surface Pro 2 for two weeks, and I was really happy with it ... until yesterday.
I noticed that most of my metro apps don't see the internet access, while any browser in desktop mode works fine.
So Facebook app see my contact connected, but is still indicating "no internet access".
Same for meteo app, news apps.

But stores for apps or XboX are connecting well.
I search the forum for a similar problem but did not found anything.
If someone could help me figuring whats wrong here, I would really appreciate.



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Are you using a 3rd party Security Suite (one that might have its on firewall or "internet security" like AVG)? Have you disabled UAC? Or have you taken ownership of System Files? These are the typical culprits for these types of issues. Others could be Work or School Proxy Servers blocking the connection.