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HELP: Cannot Download Windows Store Apps on my SP!!


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Hi Everyone, (apologies if I've put this in the wrong place)

Just as the title says, I cannot download Windows Store apps! I've searched everywhere and tried all the suggested solutions (see below for suggested solutions), but still, nothing. By the way, unlike many others who've experienced a similar issue, I DONT receive an error code. Strangely, however, it says that it "Couldn't connect to the store because your internet connection is slow. Try a different connection". That is definitely bogus! Because I can watch HD videos, and download other stuff online without any issues.

Its been a whole week now, and I'm frustrated! Assistance will be highly appreciated.


PS: Ive tried these suggested solutions:
  • Reset-ted the wsstore cache
  • Enabled Windows update (services.msc)
  • Refreshed & Erased my SP
  • Performed a Clean boot
  • Created new Microsoft account
  • Synced app licenses (within Store)
  • Updated my apps (within Store)

MY DEVICE IS: Surface Pro, 64GB, Windows 8 pro


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I hope you get these one figured out soon. I know not being able to download apps from the store sucks.

does it still let you download and install legacy apps aka regular pc programs off the internet or whatever?
I saw you said you refreshed but have you also done a factory reset?
has the windows store ever worked for you or this just happened more recently?

this link might help you. its to Microsoft site where you can manually download the latest firmware and driver packs and manually install it on surface pro.
Download Surface Pro firmware and driver pack from Official Microsoft Download Center

good luck. I don't see any reason why this wont work. manually installing the firmware.


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Yes. I can download anything, even regular programs. Its only the Windows Store I cant download from. And thanks for mentioning the factory reset, I've also tried that too (forgot to include it to my list of suggested solutions). On my Surface Pro, Windows Store has never worked. I've only had it for a little over a week now. But anyway, thanks for the fw and driver pack link. I'll try that and see how things go!


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That is so weird that it has never worked for you. If manually installing firmwares/drivers won't work, I'd say just exchange it. Since its only been a week, you should be able to exchange for a new one. To save yourself anymore hassle. Although it sounds like some setting or something is blocking your access or ability to download from the store.


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I think so. but it wont hurt to try without. if you think that might be the issue. link it to one then see if itll let you download. if it does then we know that was what was causing the issue the entire time.


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No, you don't need to register a credit card to download free apps
Sorry for the absence guys. Got so busy with heavy work at the office.

Anyway, thanks for your suggestion guys. I even tried with a credit card and still no luck. And as pierre118 stated, I didnt need one in the first place! Because I'm able to download free apps, without a credit card, on my Windows phone using the same Microsoft account. Its just my Surface Pro I'm having problems with. And the irony is, my SP works perfect with EVERYTHING ELSE! Bad luck I guess :mad2:


Just so you won't feel alone. I've had a SP since the day it was released. Everything worked fine. I installed 8.1 the day it was released and it worked fine for a month or so. For the last month, however, I haven't been able to download or install any updates. The store icon says 42 updates available, but when I click on install updates the machine starts to sync with the store and returns the message that no updates are available. I can still download and install new apps, just no updates. I wasn't concerned because 8.1 was rumored to be released at the end of August and would require a complete reinstall with a wipe of the SSD. Now I have to wait for Oct 18, at which time I will wipe the SSD, as I have done once before, and start fresh with 8.1, and a new day will be had by all. I attribute my issues to the beta release. If I had your issue I would head to the MS Store, which is about 15 miles from me, and get them to fix it or replace it. If that is not an option, then, I hope, a clean install of 8.1 probably will. For what its worth. I only use about 4 apps from the Store a day. I find the store apps to be truncated, detuned, and slow since they are designed to run on a netbook cpu with no full mouse support, or any of the benefits of the windows old style programs that have, sometimes, years of features built in. It seem to me like it is replacing your car's engine with an engine from a golf cart and expecting similar performance. I use the SP as my main computer and don't even bother to boot the i7 or the i5 machines because they are slower and far less portable. I take the SP on trips and to multiple computer club events. Works as well as my two other fairly powerful laptops in full windows mode. I think MS should make the RT option optional and invisible to the user unless they want to see it.
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