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Surface Pro 3 keyboard intermittently drops out


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Recently picked myself up a Surface Pro 3 and the keyboard cover for it but I'm having one very frustrating problem.

The keyboard works fine 99% of the time but at random intervals it stops being detected. I'll see the auto-rotation message pop up on the screen indicating that it's now acting as a tablet rather than a laptop, the lights on the keyboard will go out and it's not being detected by the Surface. This lasts no more than a few seconds and when it occurs seems random, sometimes it's once an hour, sometimes it's 10 times in a minute.

I've installed all available windows updates, tried uninstalling the driver from device manager and allowing it to reinstall upon rebooting, made sure the contacts are clean and quite frankly I'm out of ideas.

Has anybody got any suggestions for me to try before I try and get the keyboard replaced?