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Sony VAIO Tap 11 : Thinner Haswell Surface Pro


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That is priced out of my range, but it doesn't seem like a bad price with the specs listed. The 256GB Surface Pro was $1,200 without a keyboard. Even if the $100 price cut is permanent with the Pro 2 we are still looking at $1,100 for 256GB plus $130 for a Type Cover for a total of $1,230. Compared to that price a Tap 11 with a one-inch bigger screen and a 256GB larger SSD for $70 more seems reasonable.

I do hope they offer a 128GB option that is priced around $1,000 or so with the keyboard. That would make for a tough decision between a Surface Pro 2 and the VAIO Tap 11.


That is priced out of my range, but it doesn't seem like a bad price with the specs listed. ...

Agreed, I take back what I wrote. I don't know why I was thinking the bigger SSDs were a lot cheaper now. The rumor of SP2 pricing ($1699 for the 512GB) makes the Sony look like a bargain and now I suspect the article was incorrect, or that the price refers to one with a smaller SSD.

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The problem for me with the Tap 11 is that it runs an i5-4210Y processor (at least in base spec) . Unfortunately, no where near as fast as the Ivy Bridge based i5-3317U in the Surface Pro.

The i7-4610Y Tap 11 will be very interesting though, although no battery life specs have been released for the i7 (if I'm wrong you can show me otherwise).

Obviously, for someone typing up documents, browsing online, etc. this doesn't matter. But I use my surface as a portable lightroom to process my camera photos and that extra difference in performance really shows.

Edit: For fairness, Panoy has announced on reddit that the SP2 will be running the i5-4200U. While this does have a lower base clock of 1.6GHz, this is supposedly made up by the architecture improvements. When running in turbo-boost mode though it still reaches the same max clock of 2.6GHz which should still prove faster. Although I'm not sure where MS is getting its 20% number from.

I'm also going to assume the 75% increase in battery life comes from sources other than the CPU. This should really only account for around 30% battery life improvement from what I can see.
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