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SP(5) Is DEAD. No - Wait! No, DEAD


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I've been having battery issues with my SP5. Planned on replacing the whole thing this summer.

Yesterday, booted up and instantly powered off. Then would NOT power back on. Holding Power button for 10, 20, 30 seconds... Power + Vol Up, Power + Vol Down, Vol Up + Vol Down, etc. etc. etc.


Now when I press power, the Windows logo appears for five-and-a-half seconds, then it all shuts down again. I have a USB Recovery stick, but that 5.5 seconds isn't enough to grab it.

Most everything is backed up, but a few things aren't (all the prefs in the %APPDATA%, for example)... I figured I could euthanize it once I bought a new one, but I don't have that choice.

Any thoughts on powering her up one last time?


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Tape the power button down, and leave it charging all night. Sounds crazy, but not as crazy as the subject you gave this thread.


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Will do! It sounds crazy, but it just might... Oh, wait. You said that.

Already ordered the SP8, so we'll see.

Thank you