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SP1 - Illinois


New Member
Howdy All,

My Name is Bill, I am from the suburbs of Chicago....

I currently have a SP1 with a Type Cover, this is technically my fourth Surface (yikes). I originally bought an RT about a year ago... they let me exchange that for a Pro in June (win for me). That unit turned out to be an enterprise unit and I couldn't update it - they sent me a new one. I dropped that guy on the corner and shattered the screen - basically buy Microsoft Complete and rebuy it when accidental damage whips it out... :)

I work and I go to school for architecture, so basically I use this thing for everything that isn't extremely graphics intensive, meaning I mostly use it for Photoshop and other CS products with the Wacom Drivers. I still have a laptop (and an old desktop) for most of my architecture software.

Basically I am now apparently a MS freak... I have a Win 8 desktop, laptop, SP1 and, a Lumia 920... Needless to say, I love Skydrive and the People app.

As far as the Surface goes, I wish I had a bit longer battery, but other than that I am happy. It works well and has found a place in my bag whenever I leave the house. I envy the SP2 kickstand, I saw that there were those inquiring about a retrofit... any word?

Also, I am looking for a nice Laptop + Surface bag, does anyone have any suggestions? I am looking for something to fit my 15.6" envy and my Surface, both having a nice spot where they wont get scratched from the rouge notebook, pencil, or X-Acto blade that finds its way in to my bag (again architecture not a terrorist)

Also I have heard mixed reviews of the docking station - is it worth it?

Again thanks for everything, looking forward to helping/getting help...