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An Actual Carrying Case?


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I've been looking for a carrying case for my surface pro for months now.
The official pages have only few bags with a carrying strap (exactly what I need), but they are all ugly.
Regular laptop cases like these are overkill for a surface:


And I'm uncertain about cases not specifically made for Surfaces.
I know there's plenty of threads about cases already, and that's the problem, I can't find what
I'm looking for.
Basically a bag like in the picture above, but smaller would be ideal.
Help is appreciated!


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Thanks, definitely trying to get my hands on this. Unfortunately no retailer in Finland has this so the only option is to order internationally.

How well does the surface pro 3 fit into the bag?
I have the original surface and I'd like it to be as snug as possible.


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Not as snug as possible. I have lots of room to spare. The Surface Pro 3 is a small device.
I would give them an International call regarding the interior dimensions of the "Microsoft Surface" cases and Ultrabook cases shown on their website.