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SP2: Mini-display port out to 2560 27" failed! help?


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The solution was to buy a better cable. The junky ones I had bought at first were the culprit. So if you have problems, don't give up on your SP/SP2 - instead try another cable.

Hi! I am super excited for my surface pro 2, and have been preparing to create a docking-style setup at home. Today I went to try out the Dell U2173HM in store. And it failed to recognize on my surface. Thinking the mini-dp<--->dp cable was faulty, i tried again with two new cables, none of which worked. It would simply kick my surface into low-res mode (4:3 in 1024x768 or something akin to that) and suggest the same resolution for the external monitor, though no image would display. Eventually the surface would crash and reboot.

The U2173HM did however work with a mini-displayport to HDMI... but this was limited to 1080P, which negated the purposes of buying this monitor.

Next up, i tried the Dell U2913WM 21:9 @ 2560*1080. In this case using mini-displayport to displayport, it would recognize the monitor's full resolution and not crash, but no image would be output to the external monitor. Likewise with the the higher-end Dell 27" U2713H - it would recognize the resolution, but fail to output any image.

After several hours of frustration, I walked by another shop with the Asus PB278Q. This one failed to register completely.

Any idea what is going on? Is my SP2 defective? I'd read some accounts on the internet that 2560*1440 would be fine via mini-DP<-->DP adapter. This was one of the reasons I bought the SP2 instead of the Lenovo Yoga 2 pro.
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cannot detect hdmi connection to tv

For more than 3 weeks I had been watching movie from my surface pro2 with minidisplay to hdmi converter and hdmi cable attached to my sharp tv. Today at the middle of the movie the surface stops the playback and when I tried to start the movie again, there's no more video and audio output going to the tv... means the surface cannot detect anymore the tv connection... please.. need help.. tried two tv and two minidisplay port converter and with the same result...

How to resolve the problem?