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SP2 speaker loudness and sound quality compare to SP?


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May I ask if SP2 speaker loudness and sound quality are greatly improved compare to SP?
I had a SP and I think the loudness of it is too low compare to my ipad and PSP Vita.
I have already tune on the sound set up. It is better now but still not satisfy.

I hope the loudness on SP2 is improved. Could anyone please confirm?
Also, SP2 has Dolby Surround Sound. Does it make it way better over SP?


Its definitely louder... I went into the sound settings and there is an unnamed option under enhancements ticked. If you untick it, it goes back similar to SP levels.... I don't think this is the same as the 'loud' option in SP1 though as the quality is definitely better and louder.


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The volume is definitely better. Much better. Out of the box, I can hear and play music/movies on just the default setting and it is so loud that I have to turn it down sometimes. As for Dolby Sound, it sound real good. I've been playing Skyrim and the sound from the wind and environment is excellent. I didn't get that before with my SP1.