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SP2 USB port powered while asleep ?!

I was using my Surface Pro 2 with a USB 3.0 Hub, 1080P 15.6" USB3 monitor while charging my type cover wireless adapter in the hub. I sent the computer to sleep and noticed the wireless adapter was still charging.

I can't say I remember this happening, was it part of a recent firmware update? Was it always like this? I actually appreciate the ability to charge a device, like my phone while the computer is asleep. I just hope it doesn't affect the sleep-battery life too much. Although, I usually shut down my SP2 when I am done.

Am I the only one?

SP2, i5 4300U, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD


Is the USB hub powered? Typically from what I have seen most USB 3 hubs require external power.

Sorry, I had made a few more tests that I didn't include in my original post.

USB is powered with SP2 shutdown or asleep.
The hub is not powered.
I can charge my Nokia 920 or wireless adapter plugged directly into the USB port of the SP2 while either off or asleep (not related to the unpowered hub).


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You aren't the only one, I've always had this on my SP and now SP2. I've just understood it to be a feature like Dells PowerShare or Sleep-and-Charge as others call it. It impacts your battery if you are using it though, and may or may not when you aren't using it (though if it does impact your battery, I don't think it does much). Should be able to disable it in device manager, should you wish too.


Oh, I don't want to disable it. I had seen this feature on Asus computers as well. They would have a special USB port labeled for charging that would work if the computer was off. I thought I had checked to see if it would work when I first got the computer and came to the conclusion it didn't work.

Actually glad to see it does.

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