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SP3 battery losing 20,000mWh in a couple of seconds


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Hi all!

Would love some advice on this nasty issue I've been having. My surface pro 3 (windows 10 pro, all recent updates installed) has had battery issues for the last two charge cycles (total number of cycles 384).

I generated a battery report a few minutes ago and the final 4 lines of the recent usage table are:

18:30:07 Active Battery 58 % 24,001 mWh
18:31:00 Suspended 57 % 23,856 mWh
19:01:40 Active AC 1 % 213 mWh
19:03:37 Report generated AC 2 % 623 mWh

I was using it right up until 19:00 when it suddenly shut down, so I have no idea what it lists those last 30 minutes as "suspended"

I'd appreciate any help from anyone who has seen an issue like this before. Does it looked like the battery is in trouble??