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SP3 Docking station USB issue


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surface docking station 1664 

Surface pro 3 with windows 8

I have a user who when he has the surface pro 3 docked the usb ports work just fine. If he undocks the SP3 and then redocks it all devices plugged in to docking station do not get recognized until he reboots or unplugs and plugs back in the usb devices. The USB port on the side of the SP3 works regardless.

The devices he has attached to the back of the docking station are a USB keyboard and a Fujitsu s1500 scanner. Again, both work on any usb 3.0 or 2.0 port once the computer is booted up but do get automatically recognized if the SP3 is undocked and redocked while the SP3 is on.


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Check for driver updates with all these: docked, undocked, docked with keyboard, undocked with keyboard.