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One Note 2013 Issue (W10)

This is a maddening issue. I use my SP3 for work, and cannot be in a meeting and have all my notes disappear. I've gone back to 8.1. I hope they fix this soon..... all my ipad "friends" are laughing at me!
I am also still seeing issues with inking / right hold getting stuck etc on Win 10 / OneNote 2013.
(Did the updates which improved the ink disappearing ... but not 100%)

Will try the 2016 beta again (although I know it is incompatible with some crucial macros I need to run...)
Installed 2016 beta and still have the issue. Ink disappearing still happens although not as bad. Will roll back to 8.1/2013 again!
Just read the office 2016 was just out of beta and released today. I wonder if this fixes the bugs of onenote in Windows 10?

I've been using it without any issues, exclusively inking ...

Thank you for the reply... I wonder of the issues with 2013 will ever be fixed.

I just realized that upgrading to 2016 will not be free from my school so I'm stuck with 2013 if I upgrade to Windows 10
A huge chunk of my notes just disappeared. It's strange because it wasn't in the same "pattern" as my original post shows. It was like someone took two large boxes, crossed them (in the shape of a sideways "T" intersection) and deleted the chunk of my data.
Some parts that I wrote earlier got erased, other parts where I wrote later got erased so it wasn't like it only erased my last written notes.

I am currently using Office 2016.
I just thought I'd mention something g regarding the dussapearing inking.

Dint be so quick to revert to 8.1 if this is a problem for you. Somehow with O16 Microsoft have now brought this issue across to 8.1. A colleague is now stuck having to use the MUI version of OneNote on 8.1 because if this.
I am running Office 365 on Win 10; ever since the upgrade to Office 2016 I have experienced the same "disappearing ink" issue in OneNote 2016 described above. The workaround I use is to disenable the handwriting recognition in OneNote.

This should be a stunning embarrassment to the OneNote development team.