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SP3 i5 or i7 for Graphic Design Student/Artist?



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Hi gang. :) Well, I received it.......and, I LOVE her!!!! (Yes, it's a "she") Still trying to assess things and will have to give a more lengthy review once I have had more time with her. She is a beast and preliminary comparisons between her and my SP1 prove her to be faster in all regards (as should be expected).

Since I am still just learning the Adobe apps, can anyone offer some suggestions about some tests I can run in the apps that would be a good measure of performance? I feel stupid asking, but, Hey! I'm just a student. :)

The big question that I HAD but most people still have is whether or not to go with the i7 or i5. I still really can't say since I don't have the i5, but the i7 is not disappointing me on any fronts so far--but still testing. I can say from some very early tests and from just installing programs and updates that I did indeed see the i7 throttle at times of heavy processing over several minutes. But, as I saw and I've read in other threads, it throttles at a much higher speed than the i5 so even throttled it is still faster. But, in honesty, I don't think it's going to ever have to throttle for the things that I do, and even if it does, it will still meet my needs. I think that the throttling issue is really only going to affect gamers, people rendering a lot of video or 3d stuff, or others that are pushing the cpu to the max for long periods. Ultimately, the reality is that the i5 may indeed have met my needs, but since I was able to upgrade to the i7, I have ZERO regrets so far.

Give me a more days and I will try to give a more indepth review. Also, if you have any ideas of Adobe things that would be easy for me to test the performance, please let me know. :)
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Nice one Zog... still counting down the days until I get mine (Aug28 is the release date for all versions here in UK), so it's been quite frustrating for me knowing it's on pre-order for so long. But still at least hopefully the UK versions will ship without some of the little problems (eg blutooth/wifi) that plagued the earliest adopters (well I can hope!). Looking forward to hearing more of your thoughts.


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I use the whole CS6 suite on my SP3i7 and it works fast and flawless no problem here.
The fan turns on for everything except Bridge and Acrobat. I also use Rhino and Solidworks no problem except the monitor is too small you need an external. The GUI menus and buttons are miniature in all apps. If you are accustom to the GUI layout for the app not a big deal. Add the stylus into the mix on the screen and most of the design apps start to feel fluid and quicker I noticed right away