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SP3 i7 users--when do you hear your fan come on?


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As we have still yet to get any really good definitive comparisons between the i5 and i7, I am trying to get an idea as to the frequency of hearing the fan come on between the 2 units. So on this thread:

i7 users please post how often you hear your fan come on. What tasks prompt the fan to start? Are there certain applications where you notice the fan more than others. Has yours ever overheated and shutdown or given the thermometer error?

Your input will help me and others. I am going to post a separate thread for i5 users to answer the same questions. Thanks!
I own an i7 so I am going to share my experiences. I feel I hear it a lot. It isn't super loud even when it is in turbo, but starting to get a little annoyed even though I want to love my i7.

I pretty much hear it anytime my CPU usage is at or above 25-30% or more for more than a few minutes. This happens during windows updates, virus scans, running cpu intensive programs like Black Ink. It has not come on during most normal web browsing although today simply from watching a 2 minute video clip and leaving it on the screen, the fan came on from the cpu being around 30%. Once I left that page the cpu went back down to normal, but if it's going to come on from watching video clips, that may be a deal breaker. I did stream over 2 hours of Netflix, though without problems.
PS works great with a big monitor on the SP3 the resolution is so high the menus/drop downs look small but when I travel having all my tools with me is so valuable and at most modern hotels TV's have HDMI. With my Thunderbolt to HDMI 6ft cable bam instant mobile work area

I wish pinch-zoom worked with all apps!

I have upgraded to miracast dongle but not all TV's have power in the HDMI port or USB thumb drive ports to tap power from the TB to HDMI cable is most reliable