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SP3 on WIN10 max network activity


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I installed Windows 10 last week and up until now I don't have any complaints. Last night however I noticed that the access to my NAS was really slow. Other PCs in my network didn't have this problem. After investigation I noticed that the System process (PID 4) was leeching between 50 and 70 mbps from the IP address of my NAS.

First I feared I might have a virus or something but this is a fresh install and all I have installed is a few apps through the store.

Anybody have a clue on how to fix this? when I disconnect WiFi the proces wil shut down. When I reconnect after a few minutes it will initially work fine. Up until the point I browse to the NAS using Windows Explorer, then it will start leeching again.


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Is Windows update doing anything? (if you turn on battery saver which pauses any Windows updating, so might work as an indicator.


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Well, I hoped this somehow would solve itself but it hasn't. Windows update isn't doing anything. It happens every time I navigate to the network share. Does anyone at least have a clue to troubleshoot this? What can I do?