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Pen shortcuts no longer work

Wayne Orwig

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Short version:
I can no longer get the pen shortcuts to work on my SP3. They stopped working about three weeks ago I believe, after an update. But I am not really certain when it stopped.

Long version:
The shortcuts stopped working. I also could not get the pen to pair reliably. I replaced the AAAA battery AND the two button batteries in the SP3 pen. I still had issues getting the pen to pair reliable. I also have a Surface Book. That pen would pair and work just fine. The SP3 pen would not reliably pair with my Book, and when it did, the shortcuts did not work. So, I bought another pen, assuming mine was bad. The new pen paired AND worked fine. Skip forward about two days. The new pen shortcuts no longer work. The pen pairs reliably. The eraser even works. But the shortcuts don't work. I often need the "snip & sketch" ability, so it is annoying.
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