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SP3 physical buttons not working after Win10 install


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After looking around this board and googling, this doesn't appear to be an issue anyone else is having but figured I'd see if anyone has any suggestions anyway.

So I've done a clean install of Win10 on my SP3 and now it appears that the physical buttons (volume, sleep/power) and the Windows button are not working now. The only way I've been able to put it to sleep is by using the option in the start menu. If I press the Windows button, I can feel it vibrate as if I hit it, however nothing happens.


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I had this occur on my S3 during an earlier preview build that lacked intel drivers. Required a re-install to fix it.


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Thanks for the replies guys. I actually ended up getting a suggestion from MS Surface support that ended up working. I'll list it here in case anyone else stumbles upon this with a similar issue:

One workaround would be to repair corrupted files via DISM. The instructions are found on this link (please use the Windows 8.1 instructions)


If that didn't work, their second recommendation was to roll back to 8.1 and then re-install 10. Glad the first option worked.