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SP3 stuck at boot unless i touch keyboard keys like crazy


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i recently cracked top right corner of my SP3, disabled touchscreen from device manager, it still works but when i reboot the SP3 it get stuck unless i plug a Bluetooth keyboard and touch keys like crazy or plug the official cover keyboard and do the same thing. Sometimes i have to hold power off button for 30 seconds and then release it and click just once again and re-do the crazy keyboard process to boot my windows. any advice? i know it has something to do with the touchscreen being disabled from the device manager. thank you


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I don't think you have many options. Get in touch with Microsoft support and get an RMA to see if they can repair it.


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Update : I reinstalled windows 8.1, updated the firmware. Sp3 boots normally as long as I don't disable the touchscreen from the device manager. If I do disable it, I'm back to my old problem. Any way around this?