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SP3; Win 8.1 i5 CPU, keyboard attachment, and docking station. IN Power Saver mode.

Plugged in all the time. (well, 95% of the time)

Initially, when I put the keyboard 'up', the SP3 appeared to sleep. Perhaps it did not.

I needed to input my password to waken or have access to the SP3.

So, I was playing around with the Power Options (I'm learning about this device still a few months into it) and went to Chose what closing the lid does.

I clicked on Chose what closing the lid does options and noticed that all the drop down options were then blank.

I clicked on the drop-down button (mistake?) and then there were three options for the plugged in mode:
Do Nothing, Hibernate and Shut Down.

I chose Hibernate since Sleep was not then an option. Hibernate took / takes longer to start up again.

Was the SP3 sleeping previously, prior to Fi-didleing with Power Options, when I closed the lid, so to say, or put 'up' the keyboard?

I then noticed after disconnecting the keyboard and rebooting (had read somewhere this reverts SP3 with keyboard to default keyboard mode) and poof:

Sleep became an option in Power Options and was defaulted to all four situations:

for Battery and for Plugged In,

1) When I press the Power Button (SLEEP)
2) When I close the lid (SLEEP)

SLEEP was showing as the selected option.

I touched nothing, and SLEEP seems to be occurring again, as I prefer it.

A neat thing I seemed to have learned.

Sleep is a default function.


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Sleep is also my default function.