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SP3 vs HP Spectre x360


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So, the Spectre looks to be a bit heavier and a little bigger than the Surface, but does indeed have a larger display. Reviewers like the keyboard, and are mixed on the trackpad (no surprise here).
I do like the idea of having a quad HD display option, even though that will likely come with scaling-related challenges.
I even think that the "HP Active Pen" might offer a digitizing solution for pen input. No reviewer has tested this, and I was wondering if any of you out there might have had experience with HP related styli.
A larger display with higher definition along with digitizer input could make this machine a real competitor to the Surface Pro3. It is also priced right.
So what do y0u think?


I am quite impressed with it, and it is designed beautifully. In comparison, I don't think I care as much for the hybrids that fold, though. I like the models with detachable keyboards better, even though the keyboards themselves aren't as good.


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A bit heavier, a bit bigger, a bit thicker... Id say a bit more than a bit... a tank is a bit heavier, and a bit bigger too. This is closer to a full laptop.


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My biggest concern is that the HP Active Pen is made by Synaptics which is suboptimal for inking consistently. Also I refuse to go back to a convertible tablet.