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Surface 2 vs Surface 3: Should you upgrade?

Some early results from Neowin
Blue Surface Pro 3
Orange Surface 3
Yellow Surface 2
Longer is better except where noted.

z1 single thread hash.jpg

z2 multi thread hash.jpg

z3 Ram.jpg

z4 sunspider.jpg

z5 octane.jpg

Those aren't minor differences.
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Products in your order:

Surface 3 - 4GB/128GB
Ships by May 5th
Unit price: $599.00

Surface Pen (Black)
Ships by May 5th
Unit price: $49.99

Surface 3 Type Cover (Red)
Ships by May 5th
Unit price: $129.99

Will give it a full review... :)
I wasn't sure if they were really going to be available on the 5th anyway I though I read the 7th somewhere. Either way I don't care about that as it will save me a trip to somewhere to get one.

They may be cheaping out on the shipping this time IDK but last time I preordered one it shipped... and I got the accessories the day before release :) but the Surface was delivered on release day. Like they had a do not deliver before date on the shipping order. If it comes a day or two later I'm not going to sweat it, however anything in my neighborhood besides the US Mail is delivered quick and accurately. :) as for the US Mail the neighbors have a swap meet on the corner to exchange mail with the correct recipient :eek: