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SP3 vs SP4


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Yes Microsoft do very well at this! Props to them... I hate seeing leaks, but at the same time I can't help looking lol, kind of ruins it all. Hopefully the leaked phones are fake, as they're bloody awful.
Same :D Can't wait for October 6th tbh. I love unveiling events! I remember when I first got into tech and used to watch Steve Jobs present all of Apple's keynotes. He was a really excellent speaker.

Might have to make myself splash out on a Surface Pro 4, especially if its graphical capabilities are improved.


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It's a shame Microsoft's events never quite match up to the hype that Apple manages... but I'm sure it'll be fun anyway.

So much new hardware out there this year! Technology fans should be happy whoever they follow (personally I love them all; Apple, Google & Microsoft all have their own brilliant devices and software in my opinion, you won't find any fanboy comments from me)


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I had pretty much decided to pass on sp4, given all the trouble sp3 has given me (3 replacements, countless disk wipes).

but if the following rumors are true, I may reconsider:
* 16G memory and 1T disk
* faster chip without crazy spinning fan (note: does NOT have to be fanless to be an improvement)
* bezel-less 13"ish screen on existing chassis in desktop mode
* when flipped to portrait mode, simulated bezel where edges of the screen stay dark except for "soft" windows button at the bottom (switches based on your orientation)
* thinner (can just have a shim to make it fit in current Dock, or hold it toward you when docking)
* "keyboard dock" that makes it truly lappable and adds most of the ports you get with normal dock, yet not so bulky/heavy.


It's been speculated that it will share the same form factor as the SP3. It'd be nice if the screen was a little larger but fit the same footprint. I do not believe this will be a tempting upgrade for a happy SP3 user. However, I'm interested as I dropped my poor baby and the screen now has a little yellowing in the upper left hand corner.


So certain SP4 specific features like Type Cover will be backwards compatible with the SP3. What about the new Surface Pen?


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Actually, there's a custom chip in the SP4 that improves Touch and Pen interaction so ... the Pen should not be as good on the SP3.
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