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Which version should I buy ?


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I started studying one month ago and acknowledged that I have to buy a new tablet.

I decided to buy a Microsoft surface pro product, but I am not sure which one ?

There are two types in my budget, I could afford.

The first one is the,
Microsoft Surface pro 3 with 256GB SSD , a i5 processor and 8GB RAM for 1159€.

The second one is the ,
Microsoft surface pro 4 with 128GB SSD, a i5 Processor and 4GB Ram for 1099€.

I am not sure which one to buy, both of them are great but the newest one has a better processor and a better s-pen. On the other side the SP3 has two times more of The memory and RAM.

Would be great to hear some opinions.


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I would absolutely go for the SP4. The SP3 has a processor 2 generations older and the 4 really shines in every respect. I expected Microsoft to drop the SP3 prices more than they have.