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SP3 won't take charge


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Using SP3 last night, plugged into mains, with phone charging from USB port, like I've done many times before. Got a notification that I had 10 minutes battery tont remaining, and noticed the light in the charging adapter was flashing. SP3 is without charge now and the charger is still flashing. Any ideas how to reset?

Wayne Orwig

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There is a post just a few below this stating they fixed a blink charger.

Sort of related, just a week ago I plugged a large Samsung phone that was low into the power supply. It was charging very fast. But then, I noticed the SP3 was not charging much at all. Odd.


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New charger for the SP3 fixed the problem. Will probably try not to charge my phone on the USB port in future - just in case it had something to do with it.