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SP4 after shut down - no battery !! 0 % .....


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hey guys,

i have a big issue with my surface pro 4 / i7 with 256GB ....

i charge my book to 100% battery -->> shut down (after using) ... the next day the book have around 0% battery!! I need to charge them again.

also with the new intel driver , i get alot of times this kind of issue..

what i can do ? why my book lost everytime the battery.

i tryied so many things but nothing wont help. maybe the book does not shutdown correctly. i shut down over right click on the windows button.

have anybody the same issue ?

thanks for helping....


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I did the ones from Intel's Download Site dated 12/23/2015. The ones from Driver Station were most likely compiled for another OEM as they are not publically available even as Beta Drivers.


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same/frequent problem here. was using it last night with a nearly-full battery; closed it up and during "sleep" the battery drained completely.

there must be something weird going on with the Skylake chips. I think that is why the msft rep said that sleep is a hard computer science problem "with new silicon."

my dell xps15 also won't sleep properly. half the time it won't wake and I end up having to reboot, so now I set close-lid to hibernate (yuck). probably have to do the same with SP4, double yuck


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I've had to make some of the same adjustments to a Lenovo Yoga 900 that I have made to my SP4 to make it stable as well. Microsoft and Intel need to get it together, soon.