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SP4 again and again losing ALL input channels and needs hard reset


There is something that I am soon going berserk with my SP4:

Once or twice a day suddenly - in the midst of some activity, e.g. writing some email and out of the blue the SP is not reacting any more to ANY input: No mouse, no keyboard, no touch, NOTHING! Also just waiting for a minute or so doesn't help.

Switching off/on still works, but doesn't change anything, when it comes back on it still doesn't react to any input. The only thing left in such situations is a hard-reset, i.e. pressing the power button for 30 seconds or so. But of course that means loosing all unsaved work and having to reboot again. :mad:

Gggrrrr! One soon day I am going to slam this thing against the next wall!

Any idea anyone what could cause this?


We have 21 SP4s and have the same issue on and off with some of them. Frustrating part, is there is nothing in the event logs, it all just stops working till we Hard Reset or I run it up to my desk and plug it into my Surface Dock (this doesn't always work either).

This doesn't happen to all of them and doesn't continue happening to specific ones either.

What I have done in the past to fix this is,
1. Reinstall Windows 10 but select save files and apps. ( this way it re-installs the current Windows 10 version)
2. Reinstall the current SP4 Drivers Download Surface Pro 4 Drivers and Firmware from Official Microsoft Download Center

This usually helps out!

I still cross my fingers that Microsoft can get their act together and start releasing Updates that fix issues instead of bugged updates each month. I swear one month the updates fix some issues and the next brings them back like my favorite, Sleep of death. :(