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I give up!


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Hi everyone,

I got a surface 3 recently, my husband has had a surface2 for a long time and loves it and never has any problems. As soon as I turned it on it said I should upgrade to Windows 10, so I did. I hate it!! It get's the blue screen and restarts all the time, I thought twice today, but my husband said it did it first thing this morning as well. I have to charge it every night, but it doesn't always charge even when it says it's plugged in. I reset it the other day to try and see if that helped, but all it's done is lose all my aps (including Microsoft office which I can't seem to get back) and now it won't connect to my work exchange account. My husband is the IT person for work and can't figure out how to make it work.

So I think I'm going to give up, factory reset and go back to Windows 8 and hope it all starts working properly again. Unless anyone has any idea of what I might be doing wrong?!! I want to love it, it's so pretty, but it's driving me mad!



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Hi Jenni - Welcome, I would go ahead and do a full factory reset, and then before Updating to Windows 10 apply all of the updates including the Firmware Updates. After that you should have a better Windows 10 Update experience.


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Hard to argue with going back to 8.1. :)

To reinstall Office 365 you have to logon to your account and install it from there. it's not well documented and very unfriendly the way this currently works. I think if you go to Office.com and sign in then go to MyAccount you should find an install link. I did this myself in August and stumbled around until I got lucky... even though you're signed onto your Surface the Office Setup after Reset assumes you're not entitled and offers you Try or Buy.

There will be an upgrade to Windows 10 coming in November, maybe it will be better then, we will see if the spoon stands in the pudding after that. ;)
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The 'downgrade' worked for a while, but I now can't use my camera and the light won't go out!! I've tried a lot of things, but the light is now giving me a headache!! anyone else had this?
Very much sounds like you have a defective unit. If you've done a reset and your drivers are current and you still have problems you should probably send it back for a replacement if it's still under warranty.