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sp4 or ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi-FH011H


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Hey, i need help, i want a sp4 but price, errors and such made me check the marked, and found a good offer in my country.
I can get:

ASUS Transformer Book T300 Chi-FH011H (core m5 with 8gb) for 666 dollars.
The sp4 m3 will cost me 1000 dollar and the sp4 i5 8gb will cost me 1500dollar.

I got a gaming pc and does all the heavy stuff there, this ekstra machine is to replace my old android tablet.

So my question is should i spend the ekstra to go sp or is this asus a good enough choise for surfing movie and such, iam abit concerned about the batteri even though its mostly connected to power.

Any thoughts to help me on my way will be apreciated. Right now iam thinking asus gogogo but am i missing something?

Ty for your time.


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Read your first sentence, twice. Being that I admin on an ASUS Tranformer forum, that includes the T100 Chi, if you are expecting fewer problems, and anywhere near the same performance you will likely be disapointed on both counts.


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I kinda expect to see the same errors on the asus(windows10), but the price differnce is like crasy, so was thinking to be satified with less for less cash and then in the future (2years time) when 2in1 is fault free and can game better, then throw the bigger down payment and get some more power. You think the asus have more problems then the sp line?

I can get a sp3 with 4gb for around the same price as the asus but bigger screen and 8 gb and no fan on the asus. Last i owened a sp3 i noticed i easy eat the 4gb, just by simple stuff online radio web and such, plus i had to tweak it so the fan didnt go crasy all the time.

Think i read all on the net about the asus but so few real person oppinons.