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SP4 Pen and OneNote 2016


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I cannot find the setting to make OneNote 2016 the default for the click of the pen. The 2013 version of OneNote has a setting under file, options and advanced that allows the change. But 2016 does not.

I want to use the 2016 version and not the default OneNote that comes with windows 10 and that opens by default with the pen.

I have been on the phone with Microsoft answer desk for 52 minutes and they still have not found anyone who can answer my question. The language barrier on the answer desk is a real problem.

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I found a Microsoft support page saying that the setting to change the default for the pen click has been removed. But here's how I re-mapped the single click, double click, and press-and-hold actions for the pen.

1) Install AutoHot Key.
2) Make a script (a text file with the .ahk extension) that loads on startup. (The easiest way is to place the script in the directory that you find by pressing Window +r and then typing shell:common startup.)
3) Here's the contents of the script that will re-map all three pen actions. Note that this particular script requires that the OneNote tray icon be present to work. (The script sends keystrokes, but OneNote 2016 only responds to those keystrokes if the tray icon is present.)

;----------------------OneNote Pen SHORTCUTS----------------------
;Note: Onenote must be in tray for the keyboard shortcuts below to work
#F20:: ;Single click on pen cap opens OneNote
SendInput {LWin down}{LShift down}n{LShift up}{LWin up}

#F19:: ;Double click on pen cap takes a screenshot
SendInput {LWin down}{LShift down}s{LShift up}{LWin up}

#F18:: ;hold pen cap opens New QuickNote
SendInput {LWin down}n{LWin up}
;----------------------END OneNote Pen SHORTCUTS----------------------