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One Note 2016 will not open via pen


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I notice when I remove my keyboard from my surface pro 4 and go into tablet mode then click the pen once or twice to open one note 2016 it doesn't open automatically it opens in the background and a double click to take a screenshot and send it to one note 2016 freezes the surface. When I attach my keyboard the assigned clicks work and one note 2016 opens automatically and double clicking capture a screen shot. Has anyone found a fix for this issue? If i change my pen settings to the default one note it works with or without the keyboard no issues.


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I also have a similar problem but, for me, the eraser button doesn't work at all, and it seems that it might be tied to sleep mode. If it's a fresh boot, the eraser button works. If it's been in sleep, the eraser button generally doesn't work.


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Try resetting the pen, and removing the battery and reinserting it. That should do it.
I've done this and it works but that's not something that I want to do every time the button stops working temporarily....

Terrysk, does your issue happen every time you remove the keyboard, even after a fresh boot?


Try deleting the pen from devices, and Bluetooth. Try pairing it again.. see if that makes a difference.