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SP4 Pen options/calibrations for a Surface Newb?


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I just got a chance to play with the surface pro 4 in Best Buy today, and I mostly wanted to check out the pen input. I first used it in Fresh Paint which was installed on the demo unit, but I couldn't seem to get pressure sensitivity to work. Then i opened One Note, and the pressure sensitivity worked well there, but One Note is crap for drawing, which is what I wanted to test out.

So I downloaded Autodesk Sketchbook and a pencil drawing program that I can't remember the name for. I couldn't get pressure sensitivity to work in sketchbook except if I pressed really REALLY hard, and the same for the pencil program.

I looked in the general settings menu in Windows, but the only pen settings were left or right handed and some toggles for if you wanted the cursor or whatnot. No way to mess with the pressure sensitivity curve in that screen.

Is there any way to adjust the sensitivity of the pen in windows ala a wacom-like panel? Or are you completely dependent on the program to provide you those controls or implement it well? It seemed none of the apps I was messing with had any options for the pen either.

It seems like if I could tweak the pen a bit it would work wonderfully. I don't mind the cursor lag, as it is easy to ignore since the ink actually flows where you touch the pen. I did get some skipping when I was drawing lightly, I am guessing that is the N-trig downside vs Wacom. I didn't have too much of an issue with diagonal jitter - it was there, but very small. There were some pen pick up register issues when drawing quick hashing, but they seemed minor as well.


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OK, cool - so the options might be in the Surface app. That is probably why I missed them, then. Glad to know at least on the SP3 that there ARE settings - otherwise the pen would be pretty poor without being able to tweak it. Thanks!

Looking forward to getting my pre-order!