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SP4 & SB - MS Map = No Streets


In Microsoft Maps, when you download a map for offline use & turn the road function ON (not satellite), the map DOES NOT show a graphical representation for the roads. The map DOES show the street names (zoomed in - not the issue). When you change the theme colors, the maps do not change colors. Does anyone know how to fix this?
How was this issue not known prior to launch?
lol, I saw this straight away to, and quickly headed over to google maps, MS once again blowing any chance they had of getting people to use their software products. Really terrible that they didn't even test out there OWN apps, that come preinstalled on their OWN star product... That really is a fail. I love windows, but I can understand why so many people jumped ship during the iphone, ipad boom years.

The hardware is there, they have the team. Now someone needs to go in and whip the software guys behinds!
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