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type cover keyboard issue!


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Hi All
I thought I would try this here as it doesn't seem to be getting noticed in Accessories lol. I really could use any advice anyone has to offer.
I'm a fairly new user having bought a used but fairly new SP 4 on ebay (UK). It came with a pen and type cover/keyboard. I spend the summer in France and bought it whilst over there and my wife brought it with her from the UK. AT first I did not notice that the keyboard was 'different' not having another keyboard to compare it to. But the thing I did notice was that one or two of the keys did not give you what it said on them!
Having done some investigation I now realise that it's a US keyboard not a UK one. On the 2 and 3 keys it's showing (as a shift) as @ and # respectively. The key showing \ and | (when shifted) is not next to the z key like it should be but instead is above the RH enter key. There are a few other odd things including (obvious why now) no £ sign anywhere.
So, clearly I am planning to buy a new one as this one is hopeless, but the problems don't end there and this is where I need some advice. The previous owner has in fact 're-mapped' some of the keys to make for easier typing (if you can touch type lol), so some of the symbols are in fact in their 'normal' place which is all well and good if you can remember where they are!
My question basically is this. When keys are 're-mapped' does it make the changes in the keyboard itself or in the Surface Pro? I can't test it any other way as I don't have another SP to attach it to. But my main concern is that if I buy a standard UK keyboard will that work fine or will there be any issues due to the re-mapping that was done with the first keyboard?
Secondly, I would like to try and sell this keyboard as it's like new and works perfectly, but is it possible to put it back to normal so that you get what you see on all the keys? I did download some software called Sharp Keys but I was a bit wary of using it for this very reason ie. does the 're-mapping' change just the keyboard or does it actually alter something in the registry inside the SP?
Any advice much appreciated