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Lock screen blacks out almost instantly?


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Managed to fix most of the little niggles I've been having but this one has surpassed me so far.

I love the new lock screen images... very pretty indeed, but when I activate one (Windows + L) after some time (less than a minute) everything goes blank o_O I've messed around with the time out settings and have it set so that nothing happens to my Surface for at least an hour; it obviously chooses to ignore this lol.

Anyone else getting this and have a resolution?

PS: Original Surface Pro by the way, if it makes a difference.
this isn't the only thing on Windows 10 that has a time-out issue. the login screen asks for your password even if you have been away shorter than the required time. Windows 10 in general just has bugs. Hopefully they realize what they are and fix them soon.
Fair enough, at the moment I'm just not locking it... there's only two of us in the flat anyway so it's not like it needs to be locked but I just like the pretty pictures :D