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SP4 Touchscreen stops responding & Pen


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I haven't seen anyone here mention this but I currently have two SP4s where the Touchscreen stops responding and also the Pen stops working until you reboot.

However I am not the only one Surface Pro 4 touchscreen not responding? • /r/Surface

You can attach the keyboard and continue working with keyboard and trackpad although once the trackpad stopped also leaving me to reboot via keyboard only.

Anyone else getting this problem.

It's actually worse than the Display driver crash issue although it starts the same with no response except you never get response back until you reboot. This would be a disaster in a note taking scenario, by the time you recovered you would miss volumes.
I have had that happen. Yes. I can't remember if it was using Edge or not. I've quit using Edge and will report again if it rears it's head again.
Keyboard attached? I had a spell of screen not responding to touches while I was using the pen with keyboard detached...I had to reconnect it and it's only happened one time
This is likely related to the display driver crashing. On the Surface Book, detaching then re-attaching the screen recovers the touch and mouse. I do not know how to accomplish this on a Surface Pro 4.
Just recently I've begun having an issue on my SP3 where the right side of the screen (when held in portrait orientation, Windows button on bottom) gets less sensitive to touch or stops responding entirely. A reboot fixes it.
I am having the same touch screen issue on my SP4 i5 256GB 8GBR lot 1541 after the Nov 24 rollback Windows update. Have had this issue sporadically after some Windows updates, but to be fair, some Windows updates solved this issue.

When the pen does not work, detaching Bluetooth, taking out the battery in the pen, putting the battery back in, then re-pairing the pen with Bluetooth -- seems to work -- most of the time.

When the keyboard or trackpad does not work, detaching/reattaching the keyboard -- seems to work -- most of the time.

But when the touchscreen does not work, I have found no way to get "touch" back other than fully resetting (Powerbutton & Volume Up for 15 seconds) the computer & then rebooting.

Resetting solves the three issues 100% of the time.

Is that the experience with veterans / newbies (I am newbie) of this device? Has anyone found a shortcut to get "touch" back without resetting?
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I lose pen connectivity a few times a day, but it almost always reconnects within a few seconds. Not sure if it's really the pen losing connectivity or the screen not responding to touch, or both?
I have this issue, as well, I never use Edge. I use Firefox 98% of the time.
My pen stops working all together as well.
I hard reset my tablet (hold down power for 30 seconds).
To fix the pen, I uninstall it from Device Manager, the remove the battery...and let W10 reinstall it via DM.

I have faith MS will fix this soon with a firmware or driver update.
It's not often, but frequent enough to be annoying...and I'm glad it's not just me.