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SP4 won't start unless keyboard is removed


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anyone else have the issue where Surface won't boot unless you take the typecover off?

it just stalls, once you take it off it proceeds

not sure if it's a type cover issue or firmware


try turning it on with out the keyboard on, get it up, then plug the keyboard in. then run an update see if it loads something. worth a try


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Yeah no updates yet. Thinking about bringing the machine in to store and see if another keyboard has the same issue


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I started a similar thread on Monday: Problems waking from sleep with new Type Cover | Microsoft Surface Forums

Mine will boot with the typecover on, but it takes several minutes to do so. For those several minutes it will stay on the Windows splash screen without the spinning dots. Without the cover attached it boots in about 15-20 seconds.

I did take mine to the MS store on Tuesday thinking maybe it was just my device, but every demo model they tested their with different combinations of the new type covers (fingerprint and non-fingerprint) exhibited the same problem. Works fine if you attach an older typecover instead.