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SP7+ Factory Reset - Please Help


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I have recently acquired a Surface Pro 7+.
I was expecting to be able to achieve a factory reset using a clean install via a USB Recovery Drive (downloaded from MS).
I have accessed the UEFI Settings and tried to change the boot device or (to place USB first) but it doesn't work - I suspect this is because the Advanced Options "Enable Alternate Boot Sequence" and "Enable Boot from USB Devices" are toggle to off - unfortunately those options are greyed out and so I cannot toggle them on. There is a message in red at the top of the page "Some settings are managed by your organisation".
(1) Does this mean a full clean reinstall is impossible?
(2) Is it possible to remove these restrictions without Administrator rights/password?
Thanks in advance


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sounds like this device is managed by an organization registered by serial number. If so the only solution I'm aware of is getting them to remove it from the management system.

if you bought it directly from that company but if it was a reseller you probably have to return it.