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SSD Swap Possible?


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This may be a premature question as I can imagine sometime next week someone will post a "dis-assembly" of the Pro...but does anyone know if the internal SSD is the standard laptop configuration? If so, wouldn't it be possible to upgrade the 64GB SSD (or 128GB) to a larger drive?


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I highly doubt it would be easy to do, if even possible. Looking at my RT I don't see any screws. There are disassembly vids of the RT on the net.


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Not likely given the recent trend of soldering to the board even in the case of laptops to facilitate thinness. Given the size of the Surface Pro I don't think there is any way it can hold a standard 2.5" swappable SSD.


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The C¦net review revealed it has Micron SSD. I have an idea what it is, and believe I can make a swap.


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What they should have done is have the base model 128Gb and the top model 256Gb, would have made more sense.


In theory everything is possible.
However given what we know from iFixit's disassembly of the RT I would be surprised. The nand chips might not be a discrete assembly on the Pro. Or the connectors may be soldered et al. However as the saying goes.. where there is a will there is a way.
I do not expect it to be easy or cheap or even reccomended.


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What they should have done is have the base model 128Gb and the top model 256Gb, would have made more sense.

Most likely this is coming but at the moment the expense of those options is prohibitive. Already people are balking at the price (unfairly I think) and adding micro SD cards is a cheaper solution that should be able to get everybody by until generation 2 at which point more memory will be available and probably without the increased cost. Particularly now that "actual" size is "becoming an issue" I wouldn't be surprised if it pushes prices down rather than memory makers risking a backlash of people feeling ripped off.


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I say, take the money you would spend on an SSD, Tools for opening and damaging your Surface, and Repairing the Damage and put that towards a new Surface with more Storage. Sell your existing Surface and combine that money with the rest and buy the model you need.

Oh if you have a Surface 2 with 64 GB and that not enough you can put a fast microSD card in to double the storage and if you still need more then look at the SanDisk Cruzer Fit USB drive which is so small it hardly sticks out of the port.
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From everything I read the only that is really replaceable on this unit is the battery and that is something MS would have to do for you.

I would definitely avoid taking it apart, even if you were able to figure it out, it would certainly void your warranty.

I miss the good old days when you were able to order a laptop with the lowest specs and then max it out yourself at a fraction of the cost. Then again I also like not having to carry around a 6 pound laptop. Definitely worth the trade-off.