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i7/16gb/256gb ssd - for lightroom raw editing


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Thinking about getting the i7/16gb/256gb ssd model.
I recently got into photography as a hobby and started editing big raw files in lightroom. They're about 40mb+ each file and my current i7 laptop from 3 yrs ago is slow and lagging behind. I want the 16gb model because i might get into video editing since the camera does support high resolution video recording. Also I think 256gb ssd would be decent to hold files. If i need more space, i'll throw in a 128gb micro sd card into the slot, or run a usb3 external hard drive.

what do you guys think in regards to upgrading to the i7 model?


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I like to order the higher 512gb, but the price jump doesn't seem to justify. I can move the data to the microsd/usb drive/portable hdd. And keep the internal 256gb 1/2 full.


If you're only doing photography then the i5/8gb/256 is fine. If you will be doing 4k video editing then I'm not sure if the i7/16gb/512 will be enough. I have one on preorder to test it out. I had the SP3 i7/8gb/512 and it was barely ok for 1080p and grossly inadequate for 4k. I hope the Skylake processor, better cooling hence no throttling and 16gb of memory will be enough although I'm skeptical.


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I've used my SP3 i7 for editing D800 files in Lightroom. I wrote a post about it a year ago. I'll find the link.