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Stand for Surface Book Screen (Clipboard) Portable and Lightweight


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Here is the stand I use for my Surface Book. I keep one at home, and one at my office.

The product is:
ARKON IPM-TAB1 Fold-Up Travel Stand for Apple iPad and Other Tablets, available from Amazon, Best Buy, Staples, Office Depot, OfficeMax, WalMart, TechBuy, and others.

The stand is strong, very lightweight, and has foam rubber non-skid surfaces on the base and on the resting arm for the electronic device. Rubber also cushions the left and right notches in the base where the tablet rests. The resting arm is reticulated to allow adjustment of the easel back at various angles, while still maintaining flush contact with the back of the tablet, except when in portrait mode. In portrait mode, the arm cannot lie flush, though the contact is still with the rubber cushion. The stand and screen in portrait mode is much more unstable. Even in landscape mode, the reticulated arm is cushioned even when not flush with the back of the electronic device.

I recommend this stand for landscape orientation for stability. Landscape mode also keeps the connector at the top or bottom, not on the sides, where one may accidently snag the wire and cause tipover. In landscale mode, the connector would be at the bottom (or top in the rotated landscape orientation).

The stand is compact when folded, with no wasted space, no sharp edges, and no sticky-outie parts to get broken off in your travel bag or luggage.

When using with the Surface Book screen, the dock connector just barely clears the tabletop. The legs are spread widely enough to avoid tipping over. The cord for the dock connector easily passes underneath and over one of the flat legs without placing a kink in the cord. When using the blade connector (charger only), even more clearance is afforded.

My favorite stand, though, is the keyboard unit, with the screen flipped around.

Pictures posted in two parts.