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Bent Surface Book clipboard! WTF?


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I always took great care of my Surface Book, it is always either in my laptop case, on my laps, or on a desk. Today I was writing on OneNote as usual, then noticed something strange, a gap that is on the top right (when I portrait mode). I took a look and it scared the shit out of me, the entire clipboard section is noticablly bent. I'm very worried the screen will crack or something, yet Surface support only works from Monday to Friday. Great.


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Last Monday I contacted them and I was told they needed to look further into this and will contact me back using email... I still got no reply, but I think my device will be un-bent by the pressure in my bag by the time they reach me back. Disappointed. I used to think MS Surface had good customer services.


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bring it to MS store to get replaced man. That is scary. Mine already got replaced 2x, and at both times it was due to "bugs" in the system. So I guess a physical deformity should easily get that replaced.
Either way keep us posted and good luck. MS Store in Freehold mall NJ is pretty good. Cool guys working there.


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The hinge is probably misaligned, likely you hit a pothole and knocked it out of alignment and didn't notice it. ;)


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Mine is starting to do the same thing. If you look on the keyboard side you will probably see marks from the pressure of the clipboard when the laptop is closed and the bend is facing the other way. I am taking mine in this week to see what they will do.


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Mine doesn't have that shape, but instead the clipboard has a banana shape to it with both sides bent out a bit. It's actually the second that I've seen with this same thing. Works fine and isn't a "problem" exactly, but curious what is going on. The two I've seen came out of the box like that.


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Of course this is fine for an Android tablet of $ 19.99 at your local Wallmart. I don't own a SB, but I would not be happy if I had paid that much money and I would see issues like these...