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Steam won't stop starting up! How can I stop it?


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Hello everyone, I am having some trouble on my surface pro 2. I love the device, and I love steam. But I don't like what Steam is doing! It's starting up all by itself!!! I've tried these things to make sure it's not starting up! But it's still doing it.

Screenshot (19).png
Screenshot (21).png
Screenshot (20).png

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.


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I've had this issue too, though I haven't had much luck resolving it either. Sometimes, though this isn't a solution, by selecting it to start at startup, restarting, and then deselecting the option, it won't start the next time I restart. However, if there's another restart after that one, it comes back.

I wonder if allowing it to operate at startup by selecting that option, and disabling it via Task Manager would prevent it from doing so.


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Follow-up. I've gone through several restarts without Steam starting up again. If you run Steam as an administrator through the shortcut, and deselect run at startup, it should now prevent it from doing so.