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I Am Now A Pro


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Purchased the RT for pleasure and work at launch and started to do some lite C# programming on an old laptop. Since the RT was unable to do that I decided it was time to upgrade. Snagged a Pro 128 for a good price and now I have fallen in love with the thing. Not only can I program in Visual Studio Express but it can also play some great games from Steam as well. While gaming was not the idea with this thing I am shocked at what it can run.

So one question I have is what are the must have accessories that I need for this thing?

I already have a 64gig card, Surface Mouse, and a Snugg Surface case.


I would only suggest maybe another power supply and stylus to keep in a go-bag. I just got my 2nd power supply and will be getting a 2nd stylus as well. Just makes it easier when you want to hit the road - dont have to worry about making sure you get your power supply.


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For sure, the extra power supply is something I had with my RT and made life much easier.