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Stop using Microsoft's IE browser until bug is fixed, US and UK warn

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There's a bug fix in Windows Update.

Edit: Soz, not true, got mixed up. See other people's posts below for clarification.
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It hasn't been patched yet, however, the CNET article you linked to grossly misrepresents the US-CERT recommendations being referenced in the headline,

"US-CERT recommends that users and administrators review Microsoft Security Advisory 2963983 for mitigation actions and workarounds. Those who cannot follow Microsoft's recommendations, such as Windows XP users, may consider employing an alternate browser."

It also makes light of the fact that if you've left the security settings at their defaults, the exploit won't effect you -- specifically, leaving 'Enable Protected Mode' checked. Just a sky-is-falling tech story that CNET and others are attempting to use, on the coattails of Heartbleed, to get eyeballs-to-ads.

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I flat out refuse to even go on a CNET site nowadays - Sensationalist, pandering to the lowest form of panic crap is about the best way to describe the articles.