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Stream Xbox One games to your Windows 10 PC...


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I see a great way to deal with split screen multiplayer, but I wont think devs will bother with that.
I think this is really cool but the more I think about it the less uses I find for this, maybe I'm just being cynical.


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I ended up selling my Xbox One and buying a PlayStation 4... sorry guys!

Just got hit with a massive dosage of nostalgia lol.
TRAITOR!!! j/k

Yeah, I'm excited for this feature. I work from home twice a week and when I game during my "break" time, all I do is head over to the couch and play. once this feature is available, I can simply stay at my desk and connect to my Xbox from my PC.....even though my office and media are the same room.

Also, like I've told others that are interested in this feature, but not very tech savvy......to get the best experience with this streaming feature.....both xbox one and computer must be wired to the network.

From my own experience using the PS4 and Vita TV, over WiFi sucks. Once both were on the LAN wired, there was a huge improvement in performance.


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Actually yeah I was considering wiring in my PS4 when I start using it (waiting for a new TV to be delivered)

My PS3 only seems to run about 15Mb/s over Wi-Fi, but my connection is 35Mb/s.


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The only devices that are wired to my home network are the TVs, game consoles, and desktop computers. I used the power line adapters to get them wired and they've been working great. The only items that are wireless are of course the mobile devices.